Dissective Nostalgia

This blogspace will allow for an ongoing discussion on topics of global and local significance, specifically as they relate to our discussion on 21 October.

It is my understanding that, to date, you have come to understand certain contemporary processes of globalization through the lenses of more invisible structures such as class struggle, nationhood and professional propriety.

Today, I'd like to begin by leaving global behind for a moment, and thinking purely local. I'm going to discuss design in the context of writing and history, and share with you one particular project that has become a catalyst and a conduit for some of my own ongoing questions about visual thinking, cultural disparity and the paradoxical relationship between memory and memorabilia.

By way of disclaimer, let me just say that my comments are unquestionably biased toward my own interests, perspectives and proclivities. I am a designer, a writer, an educator, a mother, a collector and a critic.

To begin, rather than assigning readings, I'd like to direct our conversation to the images here.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

California Odyssey

Page from a scrapbook made by a young California man in the 1920s. Complex page compositions incorporate collage, illustration, detailed captions and casual photography.


Blogger jay harlow said...

what strikes me as unusual about this example is that it speaks in a more particular visual language (or perhaps a dialect), that of 1920's california art deco. the examples above speak more of specific times than places. this page incorporates time and place into something that feels (to me) more "local" than the others.

6:50 PM  
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